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Eden 62 du côté technique

Rapport sur l'état des connaissances de la biodiversité 2000-2010


Eden62 is a not-for-profit cooperative organisation that brings together different local authorities and is in charge of the Pas-de-Calais’ Espaces Naturels Sensibles, known as ENS, that were acquired by the Conseil Général and the French Conservatoire du Littoral (the body responsible for preservation of the French coastline).

Numerous studies and scientific biodiversity monitoring have been carried out at the 59 ENS in place today. This document is a summary of the essential facts and figures from a key state of knowledge study1 that collected natural data over the period 2000-2010 for the majority of the sites (54 of them) with a view to presenting an overview of the state of the biodiversity across the ENS.