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Eden 62 du côté technique

Rapport sur l'état des connaissances de la biodiversité 2000-2010


The Pas-de-Calais territory has always been home to a large and dynamic population. As a result, its landscapes have been shaped progressively as the main agricultural and industrial eras have come and gone.

With our combination of fertile land, industrial zones and extensive urbanisation, preserving our natural heritage is, perhaps more than elsewhere, a fundamental and shared challenge for everyone in the Département of the Pas-de-Calais, as well as being crucial to our quality of life.

For nearly forty years, the Conseil général has been working to preserve its natural heritage by implementing a truly proactive policy effort in favour of its natural areas, known as Espaces Naturels Sensibles (ENS), notably thanks to Eden 62.

From the first land acquisition of the Lornel Dunes in Camiers in 1976 to the most recent of the Sainte Cécile Dunes in the same village in 2013, more than 5,300 ha are today preserved and open to the public thanks to facilities that are both comfortable and unobtrusive and, most importantly, that are designed and built with respect for biodiversity in mind.

Our environmental protection work is constantly evaluated. On a regular basis, we undertake scientific monitoring and inventories of the flora and fauna in the Département’s natural areas.

After 20 years of Eden 62, it is now time to take stock.

This is a review that also looks forward: after 10 years of compiling data, tens of thousands of observations, thousands of guided visits for nature-enthusiasts, it is clear how urgent the need is for us to continue with our commitment to serve nature.

So, why not enjoy this honourable occasion, let us be proud of having broken new ground.

Let’s have a look at the natural biodiversity of our beautiful Département!

President of Eden62,
Hervé Poher

President of the Département,
Dominique Dupilet